Welcome to Troop 845

We are the Boy Scouts of America Troop 845 in Coppell, TX, chartered by Coppell Bible Fellowship. We are a Scout Troop with a Christian focus, our troop number comes from Psalm 84:5 "Blessed is the man whose strength is in the Lord.."

Our Troop cheer is "We Are Troop Eight-Four-Five, We Are Blessed!"

We meet on Sunday evenings at 5:00 pm at the church and invite you to visit and learn more about us.


Court of Honor (6/4)

Posted by fsaenz on May 31 2023 - 2:18am

We still have one more event in our calendar before we close this Scouting season: our Troop's Court of Honor. Please come and join us to celebrate all the Scouts' achievements since the beginning of the year.

Due to a scheduling conflict, we cannot meet at CBF. Instead, we have booked the meeting hall at the Rec of Grapevine. This venue is designed to host ceremonies just like ours, so we are looking forward to celebrating there. This the address:

Stewart Hall, The Rec of Grapevine
1175 Municipal Way, Grapevine, Texas, 76051

Here are some reminders for the ceremony:
  • The ceremony will start at the same time as our regular meeting: 5pm; however, our Scoutmaster and SPL may request Scouts to arrive earlier, please keep an eye for their communication. Scouts should be in full Class-A uniform.
  • One of our Scouts, Blaine Margaitis, is putting together a video presentation to show during the ceremony.  He is asking for everyone's help to share pictures of our activities since January. If you have any to share, please add the to the following folder:  https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1iIb0x5MAvgOJUZFCbAdYQKndbGZ1-3pC?usp=sharing. Please contact Blaine and Todd Margaitis if you have any questions about the video presentation.
  • Also, if you are an adult leader and would like to present or show a slideshow during the ceremony, please reach out to me so we can include you in the agenda.
  • This will be our last meeting as a Troop until the end of the Summer. If you have med forms and/or payments to submit, please bring them to the ceremony!
We look forward to our celebration and closing yet another successful season of Scouting!

BSA Medical Forms - Due This Sunday at COH June 4th

Posted by pharris on May 26 2023 - 10:54am
Hello Troop 845!
Please read all.
It's that time of year again!  All active Scouts and adult Scouters must have an updated Annual Health Form and Medical Record ("Med Form") for 2023.  We have an annual renewal for everyone as it greatly cuts down on the amount of time spent every month before a campout chasing Med Forms that have expired. They are valid for 1 year.
1.  The BSA Med Form, (Parts A and B) due April 3rd. These must be on file before Scouts and adults can attend any local outings or weekend camping trips less than 72 hours.  The complete form is attached below.  For more info and FAQs: https://www.scouting.org/health-and-safety/ahmr/?utm_source=scoutingwire&utm_campaign=swvolunteer4142021&utm_medium=email&utm_content=
2.  If you are a new Scout and/or have already turned in a Med Form parts A & B in 2023, you do not have to do another one.
3.   On the first page, for "Adults authorized to take youth to and from events" please fill in: Keith Hoffman 214-417-7920.  Also fill in this info on the 2nd page for Unit Leader.  Our District is Western Horizon and Council is Circle Ten and Unit# is Troop 845.  
4.  Please provide a copy of your insurance card front and back. This is needed each year please attach copies to scouts and adult forms.
5.  Forms can be turned in at any time to the Advancement Team.  Note that this is a fillable form that you can save and update in the future.  Make sure that you keep a copy for yourself!
6.  Due to BSA rules, emailed copies are not accepted and electronic copies will not be kept.  Please hand in hard copies only. If you are unable to complete any of the documents requested on or before the Court of Honor on June 4th you will need to mail them by USPS to;
Paul Harris
209 Plantation Drive
Coppell, Texas 75019
7.  Part C only applies to events and camps longer than 72 hours (Summer Camp, Winter Camp, NYLT). Part C requires a pre-participation physical and doctor's signature.  If the participant has had a physical in the past year, many doctors' offices will sign the form.  If you will be attending a long-term camp, please turn this in by May 29th.  For all adults sending in Part C, we would like a copy of your YPT certificate as well.
* Updated parts A,B,& C are required for Summer Camps, Seabase, & Jamboree.
If you and or your scout do not have a current copy on file you cannot attend, per BSA rules.

Website - email services update

Posted by stjones on May 25 2023 - 3:18pm

We are glad to have the troop website back up.  The former owner of the platform transitioned it to a more established company who is continuing to get all previously available services established.

National Youth Leadership Training

Posted by khoffman on May 16 2023 - 3:33pm

THE COURSE: National Youth Leadership Training (NYLT) is an exciting, action-packed six-day council-level program designed to provide Scouts in troops, crews, and ships with leadership skills and experience they can use in their home units and other situations demanding leadership of self and others. The course is designed for Scouts BSA members who are at least 13 years old, and for Venturers or Sea Scouts who are at least 13 years old and have completed eighth grade.

WHAT YOU WILL DO AND LEARN AT NYLT: NYLT: is filled with activities, presentations, challenges, discussions, and camping in a team and model unit environment. Participants learn and practice skills that are valuable at home, church, school, work, and the Scouting unit. Content is delivered in a troop and patrol outdoor setting with an emphasis on immediate application of learning in a fun environment. Interconnecting concepts and work processes are introduced early, built upon,and aided by the use of memory aids, which allows participants to understand and employ leadership skills much faster. These skills come alive during the week as the patrol goes on a Quest for the Meaning ofLeadership.

THE RESULTS: First of all, you will have a lot of fun at NYLT! Activities are built around the idea that Scouting is “a game with a purpose.” You will meet new friends that share your interest in Scouting and in becoming a stronger leader.

Participants report that NYLT helped them develop

  • Better communication skills
  • Greater ability to coordinate activities and program
  • Increased understanding of the roles and skills of a leader

Sign up here:  Circle Ten Council - 2023 NYLT (scoutingevent.com)

Troop Apparel Orders

Posted by fsaenz on Mar 7 2023 - 8:01pm

If you're in need of new Troop apparel, please reach out to Nancy Tao to submit orders. Deadline is April, 2nd.

Available for order are class B shirts (short and long sleeve) and hoodies.  Hoodie prices will come down if we get an order of 24.  Payment will be collected when items are delivered.

In-Search-Of: Treasurer

Posted by fsaenz on Feb 17 2023 - 8:27pm
A particular and very critical role in the Troop's Committee is that of the Treasurer. The Treasurer is the custodian of all the Troop funds, pays bills on behalf of the Troop, keeps adequate records of expenses, maintains checking and savings accounts, prepares the annual budget, and oversees pretty much any activity that involves money transactions (which we have a lot of).

We are reaching out to the adults and requesting to seriously consider volunteering for the Treasurer role to help the Troop (and Diane!).  We would like to take this opportunity to split the responsibilities of the role among two or three individuals to reduce the amount of work and time required.  The more of you that raise your hand the easier it will be for everyone.  So, if you are interested or want to find out more details just send an email to Diane and I and we'll be more than happy to sit down and discuss it further.  Thank you!